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Product Development

Retail Products

- Tablets, capsules, soft gelatin capsules, micro tablets, extended release products Ophthalmics, transdermal patches, oral thin films, oral solutions, topical gels, creams, ointments, inhalants, auto-pen injectors


Showcased Retail Products:


- portfolio of high value oral thin film product opportunities utilizing an innovative oral thin film technology BlueOS®, Suboxone oral thin film, Acitretin tablets, Paroxetine ER tablets, NIBs (Bluepharma - Portugal - FDA inspected manufacturing)


- ophthalmic suspension products, Tobradex, Ciprodex, Prednisolone, Loteprednol, , - manufacturing FDA inspection 2016 (Rafarm - Greece)


- peptide products - auto-pen injector products, teriparitide (Welding GmbH & Company KG)


- Triamcinalone Nasal Spray, Diclofenac 1% and 3% topical gels, Lidocaine Transdermal Patch (Substipharm - France)


- Fentanyl Nasal Spray, Dutasteride Soft Gel Caps (filed), Rotigotine and Scopolomine Transdermal Patches - (Welding GmbH & Company KG - Germany)


- portfolio of NIBs - (Tecnimede, Portugal)




Hospital Products

- Sterile Injectables (Vials), Prefilled Syringe, Bags, Oral Thin Films, and Tablets.  





Showcased Hospital Products:


- a large basket of 15 sterile injectable products including Tigecycline, Linezolid, Pantoprazole, Fosaprepitant, Bortezomib (Tecnimede - Portugal)


- Paliperidone, Azacitidine (Welding GmbH & Company KG - Germany) 


- Paricalcitol, Iron Sucrose - FDA inspection 2016 (Rafarm - Greece)



Specialty Pharmacy

-inhalants, nebulizers, tablets, subcutaneous injectables.  






Showcased Specialty Products:


- Iloprost with patented technology nebulizer (Rafarm - Greece),


- Bosentan tablets (Welding GmbH & Company KG - Germany)



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