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Contract Negotiations

GPP Team has very excellent contract negotiations skills based on over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of non-binding terms sheets, binding term sheets, LOI’S, Definitive Agreements (Supply and License Agreements), CMO, CRO, CDO, API supply agreement review and negotiations and much more.


We make sure our development partners are getting the very best deal possible by knowing industry standards, having negotiated hundreds of agreements in the pharmaceutical arena.  


We also assure that the deal comes to closure trying to manage expectations of both the development partners as well as the marketing partner (our valued customers).


Bringing the right development and the right customer together is of ultimate importance.  Professional match-making of the development, the development partner and the marketing partner sets the deal up for success from the beginning.  GPP has the network, industry knowledge and competitive intelligence required to acheive this time and time again.


Timing is everything, many deals fail to close because the parties use unsophisticated negotiation tactics, or simply decide to "wait until the other party come to their senses"... In the pharmaceutical industry, a delay of a few days can mean millions of dollars lost.  GPP successfully closes deals on time and based on best practices in negotiation. 

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