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Business Development

The most important external variable to the success of your business is whether or not you had a good upbringing. But we can’t do anything about that. The next most important? Having the right deals in place, at the right times. No one international pharmaceutical company has the team, the resources and the reach to succeed in the US and Canadian pharmaceutical market by themselves. Well-constructed partnerships, carefully-structured joint ventures, and timely endorsements help an international start-up wanting to build its brand, credibility, momentum and customer base in North America  GPP has the proven expertise to do this.  GPP has the background and expertise to provide the basic filters that will help you identify the realistic prospects and the wastes of time.  


GPP’s global pharmaceutical network is ‘unmatched’ and will help you, the international entrepreneur to hit the ground running with expanding your business to North America.  GPP’s talent and professionalism along with our network will open many doors for you our development partner.  GPP’s talent and expertise in DEALMAKING is superior to all of our competitors in the industry.


Our business development experts come from all over the pharmaceutical industry both branded and generic pharmaceuticals. 

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