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Preferred Partnership Services

As GPP grows and expands, so does the variety of services provided via our Preferred Partnership Services in the areas of clinical research organizations, regulatory services, areas requiring legal support, contract manufacturing, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) sourcing.  Preferred Partnership Services allow you, as our development partner, to benefit from GPP’s preferred master agreements with our services contracts with service companies in the USA and worldwide. 

Internal Services:  

GPP has hands-on expertise in marketing analysis, product portfolio analysis, contract negotiations, dealmaking, project management, sales and marketing, and product pricing. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a level of attention to your business that international and many domestic pharmaceutical organizations cannot achieve while at the same time maintaining an expert staff that knows the inner workings of the entire generic pharmaceutical business from conception of development projects to commercialization. GPP has built relationships over a decade's long presence in generic pharmaceuticals that enables us to avoid the mistakes of the lesser experienced.

We know your goal is to have your products licensed to the very best possible marketing partner and to succeed. Let us help you get there.


See our current but growing list of services below.

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