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Mingling from Above


Global PharmaPartners, Inc (also known as GPP) was founded in 2006 by Rob Camerer.  Bringing high-value pharmaceutical developments (HVPD) from Europe to the USA and Canada - licensing these HVPDs to world-class pharmaceutical customers, ever expanding our R&D partners product portfolio and our commercial customer base.


GPP acquires and licenses pharmaceutical dossiers from TOP US, EU and Global R&D companies. Through time, GPP has created significant business ($USD) for our global R&D partners with total global investment raised by GPP in excess of $500 million USD and revenues in the coming years for all products signed in the Billions of $USD for our R&D partners. 


GPP's focus was originally generic pharma licensing but has expanded greatly in the past 6 years to Specialty Pharma, 505(b)(2)'s or hybrids as known in EU, Innovative drug developments and drug/medical device developments.  We continue to expand now into Biologicals.



Today GPP has grown to be a household name in the USA and abroad. GPP has experience in product licensing in over 89 countries with a focus on the USA and Canada and is experiencing growth and profitability year after year and is positioned to support both our development partners and our pharmaceutical customer base in the global markets with excellent products for today and the future.

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